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'Leta' is derived from Latin, meaning 'joyful'.



Taking your business to the next level
- personal branding & marketing -



Since 2017, Letaform has helped clients strategize and implement their social media presence. Whole businesses have been created solely by using social media platforms. With the overload of social media presence, your brand can only survive if it stands out above your competition. Do you feel lost in the crowd and overwhelmed by the available platforms and constant changes? Then you need a solid social media strategy that saves you time and increases your engagement. I am here to help you.


What I do...

Start Up: Social Media 101

Starting a business is a challenge on its own and can be overwhelming. I provide you with tools and strategies to start off the right way.
Let me help you to build your brand on social media.

Consulting & Coaching

Individual solutions for business owners and professionals who want to take their personal brand to the next level: Let us achieve your social media goals as a team - from content strategies to implementation.

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