/ ˈli tə /

Latin origin meaning 'joyful'

"If you find yourself in the presence of a Leta you are lucky indeed. She is the person who will put everything in perspective for you."


Taking your life to the next level



In 2017, I started Letaform: 'leta' derived from the Latin meaning of 'joyful' became the my personal mission - to be joyful and to transform lives - starting with my own. During a rising career in Academics that did not fulfill me, I started to get at the bottom of what drives me to reach a level of content in all areas of my life, professionally and personally.

Besides being an internationally published author, speaker and award-winning scientist in pharmaceutics, I started working with people on different aspects of their life: from workshops about using social media and online presence to elevate personal careers, brands and businesses to guidance about how to match your personal aspiration to create a life that fulfills your expectations.

I had been all set in my career in science, but I found myself in need for a change and new challenges. I pursued a career as competitive international fitness athlete, challenging my discipline and mindset on a whole new level, while continuously supported businesses and working in healthcare-related positions with patients and on a corporate level.


Do you feel like you need a sparring partner to live up to your aspirations and performance goals?

I hear you. I understand you. I am here to help you.

What I do...

Start Up: Social Media 101

Starting a business is a challenge on its own and can be overwhelming. I provide you with tools and strategies to start off the right way.
Let me help you to build your brand on social media.

Consulting & Coaching

Individual solutions for business owners and professionals who want to take their personal brand to the next level: Let us achieve your social media goals as a team - from content strategies to implementation.


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